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R Kelly: People said I would fail

R Kelly has said it feels like a "blessing" to have inspired a new crop of artists.

The singer's latest album, Black Panties, is out later this month.

He told Billboard: "I was being told I wouldn't be back in business.

"While that was happening people were bringing me down instead of lifting me up. It p***ed me off because when you're up everyone believes in you, but as soon as they feel your life or career is threatened they fall off from you. They disappear."

R Kelly, 48, who has collaborated with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, said: "It feels good to still be on people's mind after 23 years in the business.

"I've got all the younger cats following me and calling me to get on their tracks. It's a blessing."

He added: "I'm already working on my next album, which I'm six songs deep into. I haven't named it yet."


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