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Radio 2 veteran Bob Harris to host show from shed due to snowy weather

The presenter has promised his listeners that he will be hitting the airwaves, no matter what the conditions.

Bob Harris
Bob Harris

Veteran broadcaster Bob Harris will present his BBC Radio 2 programme from his shed, as heavy snow has prevented him from travelling to the London studio.

Harris said from his home in Oxfordshire: “I couldn’t let my listeners down, so luckily we’ve been able to work out a way to make sure that Bob Harris Country gets through!”

He has made emergency arrangements to broadcast the country music show from a makeshift studio at the end of his garden as he could not get to Wogan House.

Harris, who is among the many commuters across the country facing travel disruption due to the adverse weather conditions, said his journey to London usually takes around an hour and a half by car or train.

Bob Harris

He said: “This terrible weather means that I can’t travel up to London to do the show as usual as we’re expecting more heavy snow later this afternoon.

“Luckily we’re able to hook up with Radio 2 from my home studio in my shed, located under our apple tree in the back garden, where I usually put the programme together.

“On the plus side, this means that my commute to work has shrunk to just 30 seconds!”

The 71-year-old added: “I’m enlisting my wife Trudie and son Miles, both of whom work with me in the family business, to give me a hand – or at least keep me topped up with tea and biscuits!”

Forecasters have issued a rare red weather alert, warning that extreme snow and wind which could pose a risk to lives is heading to parts of Wales and south-west England.

The Met Office urged people in the affected area to take immediate action to keep themselves safe as Britain faces strong gales, blizzards and rare freezing rain.

Bob Harris Country will air on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday from 7pm to 8pm.

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