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Radio 4's Humphrys turns rapper

John Humphrys has turned rapper, after his voice was featured in a hip hop track.

The Radio 4 Today programme host teamed up with 1xtra DJ Charlie Sloth to create an alternative theme tune to BBC Two series Mastermind.

The 71-year old was featured on the track in the wake of a hip hop edition of Mastermind, hosted by Humphrys, featuring DJs and rapper Lethal Bizzle.

However the presenter's contribution was kept to a minimum with just the repeated phrase "hip hop Mastermind" between Sloth's lines.

Discussing the Mastermind special on Sloth's 1xtra show, Humphrys, who said he was taking the hip hop name Humpho Johnny, c laimed he made only minimal preparation for the specialist inquisition.

"I talked to my son and asked him what hip hop was. He told me. He said 'it's great, it's cool'. He loves hip hop. H e thinks you're the dog's whatever," Humphrys told Sloth .

The veteran broadcaster also admitted he was not sure how to address rapper Lethal Bizzle during the filming.

"I didn't know whether to call him Leeth or Lethal or Mr Bizzle or Mr Leeth - I didn't know. He said 'call me Bizz'. And afterwards I was told that was wrong and I shouldn't. This is the bit of hip hop that I don't understand because you've all got these funny names."

Sloth also presented Humphrys with some "bling" for him to wear during his radio interview.

But after being handed a chain, bracelet and ring, Humphrys joked: "No earrings? In that case I simply won't wear them."

The special edition of Mastermind is available to view on the BBC iPlayer.


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