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Rea: My promoters drive me potty


Chris Rea is on tour

Chris Rea is on tour

Chris Rea is on tour

Chris Rea has said he and his band have spats with their British promoters - because they think their fans are too old to stand up at his gigs.

The Road To Hell singer, 63, has been on a European tour and he said he loves to see his audience dancing.

"We have big arguments with promoters over this, because when we play gigs in Europe we have half standing, and they are the best gigs because the people who like a dance can get up," he said.

"English promoters think if you're not 16 years old, you want to sit down and not move.

"It drives me round the bend. We're not young any more, and neither are a lot of the audience, but it doesn't mean we're geriatric."

Chris, who has sold 30 million albums, added: "I read an article about 60 being the new 30 the other week and I think it's very true. Our generation has not done what previous generations did, and just got old and sat in a corner.

"I'm not ready to sit in an armchair and fall asleep just yet."

:: Chris Rea begins a UK tour on December 1. For details, visit www.chrisrea.com.