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Red Hot Chili Peppers to play at Slane

Rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers are planning another concert in Ireland when they reform later this year.

Drummer Chad Smith revealed that the iconic group have the Emerald Isle firmly in their sights for their next tour.

The Chilis last played here five years ago, when they performed a sell-out gig at the Phoenix Park. This concert came less than a year after they played before 80,000 fans at Slane.

And, according to Chad, they would be delighted to come back and play Slane in the future, given that the concert was such a huge success in 2003.

"I know we're going to reform when I finish this [his super-group Chickenfoot] in October and start writing some new music and songs," he told the Herald.

"Obviously that's going to take some time, but after that hopefully we'll go on tour.

"I wouldn't mind doing Slane again, we had an awesome time last time," he added.

The Irish fans have proved to be an enthusiastic audience for the band -- and the Chilis are hopeful this will continue in the future. "I know it sounds really cliche, but I really do love playing in Ireland," Chad explained.

"I love the people and they've been so supportive to the Chili Peppers over the years.

"Irish people, for some reason, are one of the friendliest in the world. It's a really special place for me. People are so friendly and passionate about music and art," he added.

Last May, the rockers announced they were taking a break away from the limelight after 20 years together.

Since going their separate ways, the American band, which includes vocalist Anthony Kiedis, guitarist John Frusciante, bassist Michael "Flea" Balzary, and drummer Chad, have been busy working on individual solo projects.

And in Chad's case, he won't have to wait long before he returns to the Emerald Isle, as his new super-group Chickenfoot will be playing at the Marquee Cork festival tonight.

The American rocker has never been to Cork before and can't wait to jam alongside Michael Anthony on bass, Sammy Hagar lead vocalist and Joe Satriani on guitar.

"If they're a fun-living bunch in Dublin then I can't imagine what Cork will be like. I'm really excited about it," he said.

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