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Ren Harvieu: I was just so angry

Ren Harvieu has told how she thought her budding music career was over when she broke her back.

The Salford singer was injured last year when a stranger jumped over her garden hedge and landed on her, so instead of gearing up for the release of her debut album, she found herself in hospital for months, preparing for a life of paralysis.

She said: "I was just so angry about everything. The prognosis was not good, I was told I'd never walk again and I thought my life was over. My immediate thought was, given the vain nature of the music industry, that I'd be dropped. Who would want me in a wheelchair?

"Or even worse, I'd be wheeled out like some novelty act, patted on the head and told 'I was an inspiration' or something. No thanks."

However, one day Ren's toes started wiggling and things started to look more optimistic. It also became clear that her voice hadn't been damaged.

Ren, who is still walking with a crutch, said she doesn't mind talking about her accident and subsequent struggle and, no matter how hard she's asked to work now, knows things could always be worse.

"I've shared wards with people who've completely lost their movement, who are just broken by their injuries, mentally and physically. I'm very lucky," she said.

"And coming back into an industry where your hair has to be right, and a spot is the end of the world, is quite funny.

"Before the accident I was really highly strung and really worried that people were going to think I was rubbish, but now, even if people do say I am, I don't care. I'm still going to sing."

:: Ren Harvieu's debut album Through The Night is released on Monday, May 14.


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