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Richards ready for more Pirates

Keith Richards has revealed he's ready and waiting for a fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.

The Rolling Stones guitarist played Captain Teague in the third and fourth instalments of Johnny Depp's hit film franchise, which is expected to return for another adventure.

He told Absolute Radio: "You know, I've got the costume, and I'm waiting for the heads up... I don't know if it'll be next year that we shoot it or whatever, but as I say, you know, I got the costume and the beard and the shirt, and I'll wait for a call from Johnny."

When asked what the worst thing was about being a Rolling Stone, he said he missed being able to go to the cinema unnoticed.

"One thing I miss is going maybe to the movies, I used to love to do that, you know, because I go in there and spoil the movie for everybody.

"It just takes one person, you know, and apart from small limitations like that, no, I couldn't knock it mate."


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