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Rick wants old pics turned to Ash

Ash's Rick McMullan has admitted he gets red-faced looking back on old photos of the band.

The group - drummer Rick, frontman Tim Wheeler and bass player Mark Hamilton - joined forces almost two decades ago while they were still schoolboys in Northern Ireland.

"The lack of dress sense, too much hair and way too much glasses," Rick said when asked what made him cringe.

"But I guess it's part and parcel of what we do. There are probably bands who started a lot later than us who have that same feeling when they look back," he added.

Ash - who are playing in Dublin to mark the Guinness Arthur's Day celebrations - are also bringing out a Best Of compilation making their 20 years together.

"The amount we've crammed in in that 20 years is pretty impressive," Rick said.

"Just to make it to 20 years is a milestone these days. There are so many bands that fall by the wayside a long time before that, especially in this climate."

Rick also revealed he's been looking forward to seeing fellow Arthur's Day performers The Enemy.

"They were a very young three-piece when they got started, and we were as well so it's interesting to catch up with them and compare notes, and see how being in the music industry has destroyed them as well," he joked.

The Arthur's Day celebrations are being marked by a series of music events and celebrations honouring the life and legacy of Guinness founder Arthur Guinness.


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