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Rihanna visits the White House

Rihanna took inspiration from TV show Scandal when she visited the White House.

Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a former White House communications director for the President, in the US show.

Rihanna made reference to the characters as she posted a series of shots from her #DayAtTheWhiteHouse on her Instagram page.

Apparently speaking to the TV show's chief of staff, Cyrus Beene, on a public phone, she captioned the picture: "Cyrus. Let me in!!!"

And she also joked that she was talking to the show's fictional President Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn, writing: " Fitz, darling..."

The Jump singer also pretended to be the press secretary in the press briefing room and captioned the shot " West Wing Posse We wanna be O.P.A. so bad!!!"


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