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Rihanna's dreams of motherhood


Rihanna said she has regained her fearlessness

Rihanna said she has regained her fearlessness

Rihanna said she has regained her fearlessness

Rihanna has revealed that she is already looking forward to becoming a mother.

The Diamonds singer, who previously dated rappers Chris Brown and Drake, admitted she may have to wait a while, because she has yet to find the right man.

"One day I will have kids. I look forward to the day when I'm gonna be a mum," she told UK Glamour.

"But I'm nowhere close. I don't even have a potential baby daddy!" added the 25-year-old.

Rihanna - who graced the cover of the magazine's January issue - also revealed how a chat with mum Monica Braithwaite inspired her to get her "fearlessness" back, and be more confident and assertive with her life and career.

"I had to regain my fearlessness because it did go away for a bit. My mother said something to me a few years ago: 'I've seen something in your eyes I've never seen before: fear.' She was like, 'No, this is not you'. I just got back to being OK with myself," she said.

"I can't run from (the haters). You can't change who you are. It's important for me to know who I am and work with that. They're gonna keep knocking away until all this comes crashing down. But I'm not ever gonna crash. I'm in control," she added.

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The singer admitted her experiences of bullying when she was at school helped her to deal with the constant scrutiny.

"I got teased my entire school life. What they were picking on I don't understand," she said.

"But I'm not victimised - I'm grateful. I think those experiences were strategically put together by God for the preparation of being in the music industry. It's so easy for me to deal with the bull**** now."

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