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Ringo: I still get stage fright

Ringo Starr has confessed he is still plagued by pre-show jitters after half a century in the public eye.

The Beatles drummer, 71, told Billboard magazine: "I have actually puked before I went on as all my nerves come to the fore. It is part of what I am and it happens before every show.

"There have been times that I just wanted to go back to bed as I just get so nervous."

The Yellow Submarine star - real name Richard Starkey - admitted: "Every night I just hope that tonight is the night when I am going to feel like Frank Sinatra.

"I hope, 'You are just going to stroll on', but I haven't made it yet - I always run."

Ringo is currently promoting Ringo 2012 - his 17th solo studio album - and will embark on a tour this summer with the All-Starr band.


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