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Ringo Starr 'wells up' over Beatles

Ringo Starr has admitted he still gets emotional when he thinks back to his days as a Beatle.

The drummer is releasing an ebook of previously unseen images of his life with the world's biggest pop group.

With a tear or two forming behind his dark glasses, he admitted: "I well up, thinking about those days. Two of them are gone, but you just have to let go and get on with life."

Despite having such fond memories of the past, Ringo said that he would never release a more in-depth autobiography.

"I'll never do one. I don't want to do 'the book'. People only want it to cover those eight years of my life, anyway, but they can't have it. I want to keep some things for myself," he said.

"I get fed up with people telling me they know everything about The Beatles. Only the four of us knew what it was really like.

"There's a guy out there now putting a book together, contacting people I know. I can't stop people talking to this guy, but I'm not authorising it.

"I see these biographies of The Beatles and 90 per cent of it is false. That's why I like Photograph so much, because it's the truth. The camera never lies."

:: Photograph by Ringo Starr is published by Genesis Publications, priced £8.99. Available from iTunes and now.


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