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Rita Ora explains how latest single helped her overcome break-up

The singer has released the Lewis Capaldi-penned How To Be Lonely.


Rita Ora (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Rita Ora (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Rita Ora (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Rita Ora has said releasing her latest single helped her overcome a break-up.

The pop star, 29, said How To Be Lonely, which was written by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, helped her “put things into perspective”.

She appeared on Dermot O’Leary’s BBC Radio 2 show to promote the track.

Lewis Capaldi
Lewis Capaldi (Steve Parsons/PA)

Ora said: “I had this amazing opportunity to put this record out a couple of weeks back, which you know is this song, which might be really convenient for us now, which is really about, kind of, feeling like you don’t have to be alone when you are alone.”

O’Leary suggested the song’s title had taken on a second meaning now the nation was self-isolating due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Isn’t that crazy?” she joked, before adding: “No, it was more based off me, after a break-up, and I thought gosh, I’m all by myself.

“This sucks, this is awful, and then this came about and then I thought ‘Wow, this really makes sense’ because it made me feel better.

Dermot O’Leary interview
Dermot O’Leary (Ian West/PA)

“And it put things into perspective, and I think now more than ever, it’s a very amazing song to have out.”

Ora also addressed the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on the NHS.

She said: “Well, ironically my mother actually works for the NHS, so I actually know a lot more, you know, about all the doctors that are putting themselves on the frontline and how to look after them and, you know, what they’re actually doing, and the lack of sleep and the 24-hour service and it’s a real, real, real thing happening.”