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Ritchie 'songs came under pressure'

Singer-songwriter Luke Ritchie has said he needed a break - after writing a song a week for six months.

Luke, who is about to tour the UK, put out a song a week as downloads.

He said: "It started off as a really good way to get me motivated to write more songs and to stop procrastinating, but after six months I really needed a break!

"The songs were passed around a lot though, 10,000 downloads and so on, but I had to stop as it would've been impossible to find time to make an album if I'd carried on."

Luke added: "It was a really interesting way of working though, some songs came out of nowhere under pressure. Some of those songs, like Butterfly, turned up in that way and you need a routine to get your brain working."

Luke Ritchie releases his debut album The Water's Edge on July 23 and his single Cover It Up is out now. For more information on the tour, visit


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