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Rizzles kick Terry and Kyle in rap

Rizzle Kicks have stuck the boot in to John Terry in their new single Lost Generation.

Jordan 'Rizzle' Stephens and Harvey 'Sylvester' Alexander-Sule have given the Chelsea player a kicking over his race row with Anton Ferdinand, says The Sun.

On the track, Jordan raps: "When I heard people buy views, I was more confused than all John Terry's black friends."

And the footballer isn't the only person to fall foul of their lyrics - the duo also have something to say about daytime TV host Jeremy Kyle.

Jordan raps: "Jeremy Kyle got the nation laughing at other people's expense. Somebody tell that guy that we hate him too, we're not his friends."

Lost Generation is the first release from their second album, Roaring 20s, which they worked on with their heroes Dominic West and Fatboy Slim.

One track called Skip To The Good Bit takes a sample from EMF's 90s classic Unbelievable. EMF frontman James Atkin now works as an A-level music technology teacher.


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