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Robbie feared Take That reunion

Robbie Williams' Take That return almost fell apart within months with the singer walking out shortly after rejoining, a new film reveals.

The star realised after a brief charity appearance on stage with the group last year that he lacked the "energy" for the reunion.

But his bandmates rallied round, with Mark Owen convincing him step by step how he could ease his way back to make it less daunting, they reveal in new documentary Look Back, Don't Stare: A Film About Progress.

The group were shadowed during the making of their comeback album with Robbie secretly teaming up last summer with the group he walked out on in 1995.

But after the quintet made their first public appearance together at a Children In Need concert in November, just days later Robbie decided he was not up to it.

He says in the film: "I wasn't very well physically, I just didn't feel as if I had the energy to do it. It was a scary prospect to be out there amongst something that was so huge, feeling so depleted of life force."

The band - who this week released their first new single for a decade and a half, called The Flood - explained how they were devastated by his departure and tried to win him round.

Gary Barlow said he feared the songs they had written together would be wasted.

Mark explained how he talked his old friend around. "I went round to Rob's house and I went round a couple of times, because it's just better if you can talk to each other I think. We worked out that day, we said, 'Forget about promotion, forget about touring' because that's a big thing, it's always daunting."


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