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Robbie: I'm becoming my father

Robbie Williams has said he's becoming "dad-sized" as he heads towards 40.

The 39-year-old singer and dad of nine-month-old daughter Teddy told The Sun he feels he's turning into his father as he gets older.

He said: "There's no getting away from it, the big 4-0 isn't far away. My back is f****d and I am stretching every day to make sure I'm in shape for the tour. I'm well aware I have gone a bit 'dad-sized'.

"My arms are a bit smaller because I cut down on the weights but I've still gone to a place that's not really Thin White Duke, not that I've ever been that. There was more of a chance of me being Harry Styles when I was Harry Styles' age. I had a similar body shape to him.

"But nobody tells you that you carry on getting thicker and thicker, depending on your DNA. I am slowly turning into my father."

Robbie also said his middle-age spread could affect the moves he does on stage during his new world tour Take The Crown.

He said: "I am like a trunk of some kind, it's definitely not lithe. That's not the word for it. This shape doesn't lend itself to the running-man dance, let's say, or body-popping, any more. Regardless of what I eat, or how much exercise I do, nature is taking its course, and I am becoming my old man. I'm fine with that, I just hope the missus is."


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