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Robbie Williams plans Croke comeback

TV presenter Jonathan Wilkes has reiterated the promise made by pop star, Robbie Williams in 2006, claiming that he will return to Dublin to play a free gig.

The British-born talent, who has been friends with Robbie since they were kids, was brought on stage by his pal during a concert at Croke Park to join him in singing the aptly named, Me And My Shadow, as well as Strong.

However, the Angels singer was left red-faced when he attempted to make a spectacular entrance suspended from a gondola-like contraption over the stage, only for the mechanics to become stuck, leaving him dangling before he was rescued by technicians.

Afterwards, Williams admitted the show was a fiasco and vowed to the 80,000 fans he would play a gig for them for free by the end of 2006 to make up for it.

The gig has yet to materialise however, but according to Jonathan it could be on the horizon in the near future.

According to Jonathan: "Yeah I'm sure once the tour's been announced, Rob will make sure Ireland is a priority.

"I was with him in Croke Park, we did a duet together. I knew I was going to get asked about the free gig.

"I just thought when I was flying over here, people are going to ask me about this free gig.

"But I mean it was a great gig, it was still brilliant, there was only one thing that went wrong.

"I think, yeah, he probably rues the day he mentioned the free part, but I'm sure the Irish won't let him forget it," he added.

Meanwhile, Jonathan paid tribute to his late friend, Stephen Gately, whom he knew through their mutual love of musicals.

Jonathan explained how the pair both went for the same audition several years ago and had remained close ever since.

"I knew him very, very well," he explained. "I will never forget the time he was doing an audition and I was in as well, we were up against each other.

"I only sat at a table with him a few weeks ago, right next to him. His partner, Andrew is such a lovely, lovely guy.

"I'm just gob-smacked by it all. I know everyone's saying it but it's true. He really was a lovely lad.

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