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Robbie's hopes for new baby 'Teddy'

Robbie Williams has shared his first picture of baby daughter Teddy with the world.

The proud dad - whose wife Ayda Field gave birth to Theodora Rose on Tuesday - posted a picture on Twitter of his daughter lying asleep on his bare, tattooed chest.


Meanwhile, in an interview with BBC Breakfast, 38-year-old Robbie spoke of his simple aspirations for his child.

And after the build-up of pregnancy, he said: "I'm now really looking forward to getting into it."

The star had just wrapped up a series of small shows around the UK prior to the birth at London's Portland Clinic.

Reflecting on his hopes, he said: "All I want her to have is manners - 'Yes, please' and 'Thank you' - and (to be) kind."

If the youngster has those qualities, he added, "she can get away with murder with me".

Later, speaking to Radio 1 presenter Greg James, he said the couple had still not decided where they would bring up their daughter, affectionately known as Teddy. Robbie has a home in Wiltshire but has also been based for a number of years in Los Angeles.

Asked where she would be educated, he said: "I don't know where, because if she's educated over here, she's going to get a sense of irony which is very, very important, and if she's educated over there she might not. And that's all I'll say."


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