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Rochelle is the one, says Marvin


Marvin Humes says Rochelle Wiseman is 'the one'

Marvin Humes says Rochelle Wiseman is 'the one'

Marvin Humes says Rochelle Wiseman is 'the one'

JLS' Marvin Humes has declared girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays is "the one".

The boyband star revealed to Closer magazine he sees a future marriage to the Just Can't Get Enough singer and having children with her.

Marvin said: "I wouldn't be with her unless I thought she was the one I wanted to have kids with and get married to."

He added: "We both have careers so not in the near future, but she will be the most incredible wife and mum.

"I've found my dream house and Rochelle and I will be moving in a couple of months. It's really exciting. We're going to get a cleaner so that we don't argue about who does the housework! Both of our schedules are so busy that we don't have time to do cleaning."

But Marvin revealed he is a dab hand in the kitchen.

He said: "I'm an amazing cook. I prepared a Greek style mezze for Rochelle last night with falafel and vine leaves and made sure it was ready for her when she came back from work."

He added: "I'm quite a romantic boyfriend, it's about the little things. Rochelle isn't interested in material things, but it's about being there with her, giving her flowers, walks in the park and making sure our time together is special."

The X Factor star, 25, has been dating fellow singer Rochelle, 21, since March, and says it helps having someone who understands his job.

He said: "She totally gets what I do and me her. She never gets jealous of me getting female attention and if girls want photos with me it's all good. And she has a lot of guy fans."