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Rod Stewart tells of domestic life

Rod Stewart has given fans a glimpse of the domestic life of a rock star.

The singer opened up on a US radio interview about being a father, getting involved in household chores and his sex life with younger wife Penny Lancaster.

According to The Daily Mail, he told US radio DJ Howard Stern: "You've got to understand when you've got two small kids and you're both in bed and your son comes home through the door and says 'mum! dad!', we've got to fit it in between the children."

He added: "We go to Florida three or four times a year and that's probably when I get my leg over the most."

He told the DJ: "I'm up at 7.30 every morning, I drive the kids to school in the Rolls. I love my Rolls Royce.

"I used to take Sean in my Ferrari and he hated it. He'd say 'please don't stop right outside the school' but I would.

"I went to a parent-teacher meeting last week and I read for [son] Alastair's class too. I don't do any house cleaning though, that's one thing I don't do.

"It's funny if the dog does a deposit somewhere and I go and pick it up I'm always thinking, I bet Elton John doesn't have to do this. No, I do chip in and do my bit of house cleaning."


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