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Roger Daltrey turns wedding singer


Roger Daltrey performed at a couple's wedding

Roger Daltrey performed at a couple's wedding

Roger Daltrey performed at a couple's wedding

A newlywed couple got an extra special wedding present when Roger Daltrey unexpectedly performed at their reception.

The Who frontman was staying in the Mar Hall Hotel, near Glasgow, ahead of his band's 50th anniversary tour performance in the city, where he met bride and groom Susan and Carl Smith on Saturday.

After posing for some pictures, Roger joined the wedding band on stage to perform hit Can't Explain.

Mobile phone footage of the performance has become a social media hit.

Milestone, the band performing at the reception, were stunned to have a new singer for the song and said they had to "busk our way through".

A message on Milestone's Facebook page, along with a video of the performance, read: "Oh aye, I nearly forgot - Roger Daltrey from The Who was also staying at Mar Hall ahead of their gig at the SSE Hydro and popped in to wish the bride and groom well and was very nice about the band - in fact he even wanted to do a song.

"As we don't really cover any Who songs we had to busk our way through a version of Can't Explain."

The Who posted a message on Facebook which read: " 30 November 2014. The Who are about to go onstage at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow at the start of their 2014/2015 World Tour.

"Roger's warm-up was a wedding in Mar Hall last night and they're all set to go."

Roger also congratulated the newlyweds, who said they were amazed to see him perform for them.

Mrs Smith posted on The Who's Facebook page: "Absolutely overwhelming! The story we will be telling for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much."

Her husband added: "Can't believe it happened, feels so surreal, thank you so much, you made our perfect day even better, a gent and a legend."