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Romeo Stodart: Album therapeutic

The Magic Numbers' Romeo Stodart has admitted a lot of the band's fourth album deals with the break-up of a long-term relationship and "darkness" that followed.

The 36-year-old frontman is now a dad to Romeo Jr, but a lot of new record Alias was written before his birth, and the musician said he found it therapeutic.

Romeo said: "I've been dealing with my own c**p for ages.

"There's this sort of inner turmoil, as it were. I don't want this in any way to come across like I think I'm the only person experiencing this, or the only person that's trying to figure out what their life means.

"What I have noticed, in writing the album and now talking about it to friends and in interviews, is that getting all this out has been a very good thing. You just let out what's inside when you're writing, but afterwards you can reflect on it all. I think that's reflected in the album's title, too."

And the singer-songwriter also revealed becoming a father has had a big effect on his life.

"It's been a real life-changer in the most positive way," he said. "He's made my life so much more meaningful, really. I was lost before."

:: The Magic Numbers' fourth album Alias is released on August 18. They begin a tour of the UK and Ireland on September 10


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