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S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole regrets putting Brit Award up for sale

He rose to fame as part of S Club 7 in the late 1990s.


Paul Cattermole

Paul Cattermole

Paul Cattermole

Former S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole has said he regrets putting his Brit Award for sale online.

He has also said that he is struggling to find work after being injured last year, and that he would take a job as a pizza delivery driver in order to earn money.

The singer recently put one of the prizes he won at the awards ceremony up on eBay and it appeared to have sold for more than £66,000, before he later revealed that the winning bidder was a “total time waster” and relisting it.

Cattermole, 40, has now said that it was not a “PR stunt” and that he did not want the amount of attention the sale received.

Admitting he was nervous, told ITV’s Loose Women: “It was no way a PR thing. I didn’t expect it to go how it did.

“I regret, in a way, how it has gone. I was hoping to be able to sell them quietly, without there being a furore.”

He said, of his S Club 7 days: “We did tour the world, we are really good friends, and it was a lot of fun.

“I look back on those days very fondly, possibly more fondly now than ever before.”

He said that being a member of the hugely successful group back in the late 1990s and early 2000s was not a “perfect life”.

“It’s not very easy when you’re doing a pop group thing, there is always what it’s like on the inside and how the perception is on the outside,” he added.

“But there were many fun times, it’s one of those jobs where you take the rough with the smooth.”

Asked about living on packet noodles, Cattermole smiled as he said: “But I love them.”


S Club 7

S Club 7

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S Club 7

Loose Women panellist Jane Moore told the audience that the programme had paid for the shirt he wore during his appearance.

Cattermole, said he has considered applying for a job in a shop, and that he is “cool with delivering pizza” now that his pop career has halted.

He said that he wants to appear on a reality TV show, but that “they just haven’t wanted me”.

S Club 7, who were known for pop hits such as Reach, Bring It All Back, S Club Party and Don’t Stop Movin’, split in 2003 after five years together.

Cattermole was in the band along with Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Tina Barrett and Jon Lee.

They reunited in 2015 for a tour, but Cattermole has previously said it was “difficult” and that “not everyone in the band sees eye-to-eye”.

In January, Cattermole made headlines when he sold the best newcomer statuette that he won with his then-bandmates in 2000 for £66,100.

However, several weeks later he tweeted: “Well I am gutted that the winning bidder was total time waster. He Just wanted to wreck my sale. Grab yourself a bargain! Everyone thinks it’s sold!”

The eBay listing says the sale on the re-listed item ended on January 30 and made £61,000.