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Sarah Harding: I feel like a mum

Sarah Harding has insisted she won't be the next of the former Girls Aloud stars to have a baby.

Kimberley Walsh recently announced she is expecting her first child, while Nadine Coyle became a mum earlier this month.

Sarah told ITV's Lorraine she already felt like a mother - because of all the animals that she has at her countryside home.

" I think we all expected Kimberley to be the first one and I kind of thought if it's going to be anyone, it would be Kimberley next, but I didn't expect it so soon.

"Apparently I'm next in line," she said, adding: "Not yet!"

The former party girl, who now enjoys a quiet life in the country, said of her former troubles: "I think you can only take the positives away from things and learn by mistakes and that's exactly what I have done... I've got animals now, it's like being a mum."

Sarah, who is in a relationship with DJ Mark Foster, said that she could have a family " one day, but I've got a few more boxes to tick".

The singer told Lorraine Kelly that it was "daunting" going solo and "like I'm starting all over again".

She said she might "throw in a GA [Girls Aloud] number" when she performs at a charity concert at Kensington Palace this summer.

"I was hoping Wills and Kate were going to be there but I don't know if they're going to be. Fingers crossed," she said.


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