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Saw Doctors star in their own comic strip adventure

They are unlikely stars of a cartoon comic strip. In many ways, they are simply unlikely stars.

For nearly 20 years, The Saw Doctors have been performing their signature blend of folk and rock around the world.

Now, in an unlikely twist, they are to follow American rock superstars Kiss by starring in their own comic strip.

The strip is the work of Tuam artist and long-time Saw Doctors collaborator, Squigley McHugh.

“The comic strip came about after we decided we would call our album ‘The Further Adventures of The Saw Doctors',” guitarist Leo Moran said.

“We contacted Squigley about an album sleeve and he suggested putting a little boy on the cover reading a comic. The idea being it was one of the band as a child in the '70s reading about all the stuff which would happen to him in the band.

“It's something totally new for an Irish band and we can only tip the cap to the comic's wonderful creator,” added Moran.

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