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Scorsese reveals film music secrets

The secrets of some of Hollywood's most memorable movie music will be revealed in a new series of radio and TV shows.

Stars including Chariots Of Fire composer Vangelis and director Martin Scorsese will feature in a three-part documentary on BBC4 called Sound Of The Cinema: The Music That Made The Movies.

Presenter Neil Brand said: "Music is information. When we've bought a ticket to a film, we sit in that seat and all our senses are out there waiting and usually the first information we get is music, quite often in darkness.

"It gives us a sense of the mood, a sense of the geography, a sense of the movie that we've paid to see."

The documentary will be accompanied by a series of radio shows including an interview with Star Wars composer John Williams on BBC Radio 3.

Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino will be interviewed on Radio 6 Music about his favourite soundtracks and Mark Kermode will be on Radio 2 talking about the relationship between music and films.


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