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Scouting For Girls perform 3D gig

Scouting For Girls fans are being given the chance to watch a performance by the band in the form of a 3D hologram.

By holding up special packs of KitKat to a webcam, fans will see the one-off set materialise on their computer screens.

Frontman Roy Stride admitted the experience was confusing to create.

He said: "What's really weird is the director was telling us to do all these funny things and we had no idea really why he was telling us (to do that)."

He added: "In the video you see all the animation that goes on because it's not just when you see us on the screen when you're holding the KitKat wrapper there and we're performing, but there's all this animation going on as well. So it's this really amazing 3D experience."

KitKat is the first confectionery brand to use "augmented reality" technology on their packs, which enables fans to access the performance.

To view the gig, via a promotional pack, log on to


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