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Scouting For Girls to take gig rest

Scouting For Girls have said they will be taking a lengthy break from live shows after their current tour.

The She's So Lovely singers will be touring the UK in November but said the dates would be the last ones their fans could catch them at for a while.

Singer Roy Stride said: "This tour we're doing in November will be the last time people get to see us play for a long time because we've kind of run our course I think."

The band had just played a successful set at V Festival but Roy said: "You can't just keep doing the same thing. We want to write some great songs, we want some new songs.

"When you write your first record there's no one else involved. We need to just go away and write a record that we really like. I want to write a really classic record that sounds real and it's just like three people in a room making music. We could do something really beautiful."

Roy explained he wanted any new music to reflect how they had developed as a band.

He said: "We've been around 10 years and we've been friends for 25 years so we want to do something that looks like a 10-year thing."

Scouting For Girls were on the same line-up as Welsh band Stereophonics and said they were big fans.

Roy admitted: "I once walked into the Stereophonics dressing room thinking it was ours so I went in there, opened the fridge, cracked open a beer, sat down and I was face to face with Kelly. I was like s*** I'm in the wrong dressing room. This is one of my favourite ever bands. I said, 'I'm really sorry.'

"When I was nine I went to a caravan park and did exactly the same thing. I walked into a caravan, sat down and started eating dinner and then realised it was a different family."


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