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Scrabble, not squabbles for 1D

One Direction have revealed they'd resolve any disputes over girls with a game of Scrabble.

The What Makes You Beautiful boyband also uncovered some unusual tips for impressing ladies on a date.

When asked by the Daily Star how they'd cope if band members fancied the same girls, Louis Tomlinson said: "I don't think we've been in that situation as of yet.

"But if it did happen we would have to fight it out with a mean game of Scrabble. We'd battle it out until the end.

"Or maybe play a mean game of noughts and crosses."

Meanwhile, Niall Horan said he'd "impress a girl playing the theme from Barney The Dinosaur film on a guitar."

And Zayn Malik added: "I would play the triangle and do Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."


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