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See you in July, Little Mix tell fans

Girlband reschedule two Belfast gigs cancelled due to illness

By Allan Preston

Little Mix have promised to mend thousands of broken hearts in Belfast by rescheduling two cancelled concerts.

On Thursday a matinee and evening concert were called off as excited fans queued outside the SSE Arena.

One of the girlband's singers, Jesy Nelson, was said to be too ill to perform.

Both shows have now been rescheduled for Saturday, July 2.

An official statement was posted on the group's website yesterday at 4pm. It read: "Yesterday's cancelled Get Weird Tour shows in Belfast will be rescheduled for 2nd July. There will be a matinee and evening performance on this date. All existing tickets are valid for the new concerts. Anyone seeking a refund please go to your point of purchase. Little Mix apologise again to their fans for the unavoidable cancellations."

Neil Walker, general manager of the SSE Arena, also apologised to fans and added: "Please note, tickets for matinee/evening shows are only valid for that show and are non-transferable."

Emma Begley (33) and her daughter Gracey (8) had flown over from Wales to attend the concerts. Gracey was in tears after the cancellation and was left to listen to Little Mix on her iPod. Reacting to the news of the new date, her mum said: "It's not ideal, but we probably will end up booking a flight.

"Gracey's not too bad, now I can give her a bit more of a definite answer, but you just can't believe it's taken this long. When One Direction cancelled at least they came out quickly and provided a solution.

"I've drained my phone battery today checking Twitter for news.

"It's going to be more expense now having to fly over again, but hopefully, because it's a bit further ahead, I'll be able to get a cheaper flight."

The new concert dates are of little comfort to Danielle McLaughlin, who had hoped to take her four-year-old daughter.

Posting on Little Mix's Facebook page, she said: "So disappointed, I appreciate that people get sick, however, that is no consolation for a four-year-old! Plus we now can't go at all as the rescheduled date is at the very start of the Northern Ireland school holidays, and like many we have a holiday booked."

Following Thursday's cancellations Jesy has been targeted by online trolls telling her to "die" and "kill herself", as well as making offensive comments about her weight.

The comments have resulted in a horrified reaction from other fans.

Sammi Walton came to her defence, posting on the Little Mix Facebook page: "I can't believe how unsupportive some 'fans' are being.

"I've read people telling her to go kill herself and everything.

"Disgusting behaviour. And it's been from adults who have had their kids miss out."

Little Mix's Get Weird tour will continue at the Sheffield Arena tonight.

It's also expected that a planned Belfast date on April 19 will also go ahead.

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