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Sharon Osbourne criticises Gaga

Sharon Osbourne has re-opened her war of words with Lady Gaga, accusing the singer of failing to stop her fans "haranguing" daughter Kelly.

The feud began when Bad Romance star Gaga accused the Fashion Police presenter of being a bully for criticising celebrities' outfits for a living.

Kelly responded, calling the singer a "great big hypocrite" for standing by while "your fans send me death threats" and her mum penned an open letter to Gaga calling her a bully.

Now, in an extract from her new autobiography, Unbreakable, published in The Sun, the X Factor judge accuses the singer of putting up counselling stations on her tour as a publicity stunt.

"On Gaga's last tour there would be a bus at each venue and she put therapists in there for kids who were bullied.

"I felt it was just a publicity stunt," she wrote.

Sharon added: "You can't bang on about being anti-bullying and then refuse to tell your fans to stop haranguing other young women with nasty threats."


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