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Sheeran wants to work with Jay Z

Ed Sheeran has confessed he would love to work with Jay Z, but he knows it will never happen.

The British singer-songwriter has worked with Pharrell Williams, One Direction and Taylor Swift - but revealed Jay Z is his dream collaborator.

Ed said: "The people that (I'd) want to collaborate with aren't the type to collaborate.

"For instance, if I just decided tomorrow that I wanted to do a song with Jay Z, it's not going to happen just like that. I think he has to have the idea ... It's like that with me."

The 23-year-old musician created more than 100 songs to get the 12 tracks on his current album X, which he pronounces "multiply". He also worked with a handful of hit-making producers - Pharrell, Benny Blanco, Jeff Bhasker and Rick Rubin - to craft a broader, more radio-friendly sound.

"It's weird, because they're more polished producers but it's a more raw sound," Ed said, "so I think they brought an element of rawness to it."

His Pharrell-produced single, Sing, has earned comparisons to Justin Timberlake for its dance beat and falsetto vocals, which Ed takes as a compliment.

He said: "He's a very talented person and I've listened to Justified a lot. I definitely took influence from that."


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