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Simpson attempting coolest gig

Charlie Simpson is attempting the world's coldest gig.

The Fightstar frontman and former Busted singer is planning to perform a one-off, solo set to residents of Oymyakon this November.

The Siberian town boasts an average winter temperature of -45C and a one-time world record low of -71.2C.

The town takes up to four days to reach from the UK, including a two day drive from the nearest city and if successful, Charlie will earn a place in the Guinness World Records.

He said: "The Jagermeister Ice Cold Gig is by far one of the biggest challenges of my career, but I'm really excited to get out there and see a part of our planet that very few people will ever get to visit.

"It's not really an option to play my guitar wearing gloves, so I just hope my fingers don't freeze."

Charlie and his team will perform The Jagermeister Ice Cold Gig on November 24.


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