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Sinead O'Connor: My marriage was no stunt

Sinead O'Connor has no desire to emulate Elizabeth Taylor, insisting she will never marry again. But she will remain good friends with ex-husband Barry Herridge.

Speaking at her home in Bray, Co Wicklow, she also dismissed any notion that her 16-day marriage was a publicity stunt.

The singer claimed the decision to end her relationship with Mr Herridge (38) was extremely difficult but said the pressure made it like "living in a coffin".

"It's a Solomon's choice; the whole reason I walked away from the marriage was out of love and respect for him," she revealed.

Insisting she would never betray her husband's privacy, she remained determined to protect him, but wanted to be clear on the reasons for the marriage ending.

"I don't do publicity stunts; why would anyone get married for a publicity stunt?" she said. "Even if I did it, the stupidest thing you could cook up would be marriage number four."

O'Connor announced through her website on Tuesday that the couple's marriage had come to an end due to pressures being put on him by certain people in his life.

"It's an occupational hazard and I am beginning to get the message now," she said of the difficulties of married life as a star.

"My mate said to me, 'Well you have two more to go before you catch up with Elizabeth Taylor'. I certainly won't get married again."

Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times, twice to the one man.

O'Connor and Mr Herridge jetted off to Las Vegas earlier this month to tie the knot, a move that provoked angry responses from people in his life. But just moments after the ceremony, the singer - who does not drink - wanted to get some marijuana for herself for her wedding night.

Her new husband, who is an addiction counsellor for children, was upset by her actions.

She said: "We ended up in a cab down in some place that was quite dangerous.

"Now I wasn't scared 'cause I'm a kind of a rock 'n' roller and I am used to it. But I mean he is a drugs counsellor for children for Christ sake, what was I thinking? The cabbie was freaking out and everybody else was freaking out and they were all thinking, 'We're all going to be shot'."

When the first guy disappeared with her money another man came over and offered to help.

"Next thing he comes back and puts a lump of crack in my hand! And I'm like, 'What the f*** is that?' I was like, 'I don't want that!'," she said.

In the end it took 40 minutes but she believes "it probably wasn't the wisest thing to do, considering what he does for a living, so that wasn't too good and kind of messed everything up a bit".

She added: "Perhaps it was a bit selfish not realising it would be a bit scary for him."

But O'Connor says the marriage was doomed to failure because of the differences between her life and his and the pressures put on him by certain people.

She said: "I am really glad I married him even if it was short because I do love him. I feel terrible to upset him."

She likened the brief partnership to living in a coffin, in the sense that things had become suffocating because of the pressure.

"It was actually like living in a coffin for a week (because of) the situation as created by certain people around him," she said.

"I don't mean that as a reflection on him; it was what was done to him that he was weighed down by."

O'Connor insisted Mr Herridge should now be left alone.

"When you do what I do for a living it's a question of being fair to the people who are private people."

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