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Singer Daniel O'Donnell 'taking wee break'

Daniel O'Donnell has warned his legions of fans they'll be seeing a lot less of him in the future.

The singer, who turns 50 later this month, has said his days of constantly performing on gruelling tours are over. And he has made an early New Year's resolution to significantly reduce the number of gigs he plays from now on.

He said: "I will be cutting down a lot of my travelling in 2012, as I've had a busy 2011, this year being my 30th year in the music business. I will still be doing 60 shows next year anyhow, and that's a lot when you look at it, but still a lot less than in the past. You could say I'm taking a wee break from constant touring."

The singer has also revealed he is praying he and wife Majella have a happier Christmas Day than last year, when the heavy snowfall left him unable to return home to Donegal and forced him to spend the day in Dublin.

"We didn't make it home last Christmas because of all the snow, with the flights cancelled and the roads very bad and we spent it in Dublin. However, please God, the weather will be better this time and we'll all be together in Dublin."

The Donegal singer continued: "I'll be taking things very easy over the festive season and Christmas Day will be a very lazy one for me.

"We all go to Mass on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas Day there will be a Mass in a local hospital which I will attend and sing with the choir," he said.

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