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Singer seeks £2m number plate buyer

Music veteran Engelbert Humperdinck is trying to trace a rich mystery man who offered to buy his personalised car number plate - for £2 million.

The Release Me singer, who represented the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, was approached by what he described as "a very nice man from the UAE" after earlier parking his Rolls Royce Corniche outside London's Savoy Hotel.

After they chatted, Humperdinck found out that in addition to wanting to talk about his music, the man had his eye on the star's licence plate, EH1.

The 76-year-old crooner was in London to finish recording his new studio album to be released early next year. He dined at the hotel restaurant where the man struck up conversation and proposed buying the plate for £2 million because he shared the same initials.

Humperdinck promised to call to "close the deal" after the potential buyer handed him a card, but he later found he had lost the card and the singer is keen to track him down to take up the lucrative offer.

"His surname was Hussein and obviously his initial must have been E," Humperdinck said.

"So I am asking that, if anyone knows Mr Hussein, can they please contact my London-based record company, Conehead UK, as he had talked me into making the sale and I don't want to disappoint him."


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