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Singer Sophie enjoys weightlessness

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been experiencing a different kind of airplay - by having fun while floating around in zero gravity.

The Murder On The Dancefloor singer experienced weightlessness on a high-altitude flight to simulate the feeling of being in space.

Sophie - who also took part in last year's Strictly Come Dancing - experienced a new kind of lift to launch a new range of snacks from Walkers.

The 34-year-old - whose mother is former TV presenter Janet Ellis - was taken up in a specially converted Boeing 727 which completed aerial manoeuvres to create the effect of zero gravity after taking off from a base in Houston, Texas.

She said: "I don't think anything can beat that first feeling of weightlessness! I had no control over my limbs when I was just spinning around but it felt gorgeous and is certainly the most bonkers place I've ever eaten a crisp.

"It feels a bit like I'm following in my mum's footsteps as she became a qualified skydiver while working for Blue Peter and she's a real fan of trying new things.

"It was certainly a challenge to be graceful while floating around the cabin but hopefully I pulled it off."

Sophie undertook the stunt to launch Walkers Pops, which are air-popped rather than fried, meaning they contain less fat.


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