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Sinitta to shake off Cowell ex tag

Sinitta has said she's looking forward to shaking off the label of just being Simon Cowell's ex when she gets back into her music career.

The singer had hits in the 80s with songs such as So Macho, but in recent years has been better known as X Factor boss Simon's close pal and ex girlfriend - although she was much better known than him when they dated in her career heyday.

She told Reveal: "People see me in the street and shout Simon's name. It makes me laugh. My kids have said, 'Mum, do they really think you're Simon?' Which obviously they don't, but everyone links us together.

"People don't realise I was a singer. It'll be nice to show everyone what I do and where I started. I'm excited about the new single, but it's very surreal and nerve-racking."

Sinitta added of her new music: "I've written some really personal lyrics. I wanted to show my full hand and not hold back. I've written about everything from partying to heartbreak.

"It'd be lovely to have another hit. I'd love to be on [The X Factor] as a singer. I just need Simon to ask me."


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