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Sir Mick turns down album request

The Duckworth Lewis Method may have secured stars such as Daniel Radcliffe on their new album but one person did turn them down - Sir Mick Jagger.

The cricket fanatics have released their second album, Sticky Wickets, about the sport.

The record by the group, who are named after a mathematical formula in the game, features special guests such as Stephen Fry, former Harry Potter star Daniel and Neil Finn of Crowded House.

Thomas Walsh, one half of the duo, said: "We weren't forcing anyone to come on the record.

"It was either just a yes or a no we were after. We wanted to ask Jeff Lynne from Electric Light Orchestra, because he's cricket mad and a big influence on the album.

"We just wanted him to say 'nudging and nurdling' in that accent, but he was really busy last year when we were recording.

"Everyone else we asked came through, apart from Mick Jagger. We nearly got him."

Neil Hannon, best known for his work as the main man in The Divine Comedy, replied: "No we didn't.

"We asked him and he said no. That's not almost getting him at all, it's the exact opposite."

:: The Duckworth Lewis Method's second album Sticky Wickets is out now. They tour the UK in September.


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