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Sir Paul 'rocking and rolling'

Sir Paul McCartney has assured fans he is now "feeling great" after recent health woes which led to the cancellation of a number of gigs.

In a video message posted online, the former Beatles star told how he was now back on form and had rescheduled a number of axed shows.

The musician - who turned 72 last week - pulled out of shows in Japan due to a mystery bug and doctors ordered "complete rest". He pulled shows in the US to allow him to recuperate more fully.

Sir Paul, who will resume his live shows on July 5, said in his YouTube message: "Everybody's been asking me how I feel. I feel great - thank you very much for asking."

And adding that the postponed shows have been rescheduled for September, he went on: " Come and see us then; we'll come and see you.

"Feeling great, rocking and rolling," he added.


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