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Siva's fears for bandmate's voice

The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran has admitted that he is worried that his bandmate Nathan Sykes may not sing again.

The rest of the band - made up of 24-year-old Siva, Max George, Jay McGuiness and Tom Parker - plan to continue without Nathan for the time being, while he recovers from his operation for a haemorrhaged vocal cord in Los Angeles.

But Siva told BBC's Newsbeat: "It takes a long time for the vocal cords to heal properly. If it doesn't heal in a certain way, it's going to take a lot longer. He might not be able to sing at all, who knows? You've just got to wait and see."

The group, who played their first gig in New York without Nathan last week, are working on their third album, for which the 20-year-old had already recorded some vocals already.

"Luckily we had a lot of these songs recorded before but there have been a few songs that have come in," Siva explained.

The band's next single will be Walk Like Rihanna, which was one of the last songs Nathan was able to record with the band before his operation.

"You can obviously hear in his voice something is difficult. All the other tracks we did after that he wasn't able to record and it's been quite difficult for him," said Siva.

"What else can we do? You can't just click your fingers and bring the voice back, you got to just work with it."

He added: "Our love goes with him and hopefully he will recover."

Nathan previously revealed he's on the mend, tweeting: "On the road to recovery. It's a b****y long one, but at least I'm on the road!"


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