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Six of the best must-have gadgets for summer festivals

By Polly Weeks

Whether you’re going to rock out or have fun with the family, it’s officially festival season and these gadgets will make your camping experience even better.

The selfiestick, £14.99,

Want to capture that moment when your favourite band walks on stage and you’ve managed to grab a front-row position? This selfie stick (below) comes with a Bluetooth shutter control so just secure your phone in the stick, hold it up, and click the pebble-shaped control. There you go, you’ll have a constant reminder of just how wonderful your weekend away was. Available in other colours including pink, blue, black, red and white. Compatible with Galaxy 2/3/4 and iPhone 4/5/6.

Blue Mountain Solar Shower, £7, Cotswold

One of the most common complaints about festivals is you don’t get to shower for days on end. With this product (below) you can forget going without a wash, as this bag will help you maintain your hygiene levels. When you wake up, simply fill it up with water and hang it on the outside of your tent in the direction of the sun, then, gradually, the water will warm up so that when you want a small scrub-down you can just open the valve and let the water flow.

Soulra Scorpion, £49.95,

Festival camping necessities aren’t limited to sleeping bags, tents and cleansing wipes. You’ll also need a torch, stereo, bottle opener — the list goes on. Luckily the Soulra Scorpion (below) will help you tick a few must-have gadgets off the list. Powered with a rechargeable battery, you can top up the charge levels either by solar power or by winding up the hand crank. The device comes with a torch, radio (FM/mediumwave/shortwave) and bottle opener. In addition, you can use it as a power source to charge up your phone battery and as it has an audio line input, you can play your own music collection through it too.

Cobra CP7500 Jumpjack car battery charger, £79.99,

After a very long weekend away, chances are you’ll be desperate to get back home to a hot shower, cup of tea and your own bed. What you definitely don’t want to find is that upon retuning to your car, your battery has run down and that you’re not going anywhere. This is where the Cobra JumPack (above) can help out. The chargeable power source is strong enough to jump start a car — in fact it even comes with jumper cables. However, it’s not just about its motor-charging capabilities, it can be used to charge your phone or camera and it also comes with an LED flashlight and even a strobe light for emergencies.

TP-LINK M5360 3G Mobile WIFI hotspot & power bank mobile charger, £59.99,

Can’t bear to stay offline for a few days, but at the same time don’t want to use up your month’s mobile data in one weekend? Well with this WiFi hotspot device, you can avoid coming back home to an expensive phone bill. The TP-Link M5360 (below) provides internet access simply by popping a 3G SIM card into it. If you’re feeling generous, you can treat your friends to the WiFi as up to 10 people at a time can utilise it. In addition to its 3G capabilities you can also use it as a power source for your phone/camera.

Soulra Rugged Rukus wireless sound system, currentlyY £60.07,

This Bluetooth speaker (below) is called rugged for a reason, Wrapped in rubber, it’s splash and knock proof and given it’s created to be all-terrain, hopefully festival proof too. Connect your phone to it (via Bluetooth) and you can play your favourite festival tunes through the device. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny weekend away, the travel speaker also comes with a solar panel which you can then use to charge your phone.

App of the week

Shazam (free from Google Play and iTunes)

Shazam isn’t new, but when it comes to music recognition apps, it’s hard to beat.

While it won’t work on live music, if you’re seeing a DJ at your festival and they play tunes that you love, but you don’t know what the song is called/who the artist is, simply click onto this app and it will give you all the information you need.

In addition, it will store your previously searched for songs and even provide links so you can buy them.

Top 10 bestselling apps

1. Minecraft — Pocket Edition by Mojang

2. Plants vs Zombies by PopCap Games

3. Tipping Point by Barnstorm Games

4. Terraria by 505 Games

5. Minecraft Skin Studio by 57Digital Ltd

6. Alpha Word Match by SuperMark

7. Grandma’s Garden by Noodlecake Studios

8. AirReceiver

9. The Chase by Barnstorm Games

10. Geometry Dash by RobTop Games

(Chart courtesy of Amazon Appstore)

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