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Slash: Aerosmith tour to be sober

Slash has revealed that wild parties and boozy antics could be off-limits when he hits the road with Aerosmith.

The former Guns N' Roses guitarist and his band the Conspirators, with singer Myles Kennedy, is set to tour around the world with Steven Tyler's group on the Let Rock Rule shows.

Speaking ahead of a Spotify session, he hinted the backstage moments would be calmer since both groups have given up alcohol.

He said: "I would imagine at this point, since both bands are relatively sober, it will probably just be getting ready for and doing the gig, and any superfluous stuff is whatever."

"I toured with Aerosmith back in the day when they first got sober and that was when we were abusing chemicals and alcohol pretty heavily at the time," he continued, adding: " I think a lot of backstage stuff gets blown out of proportion because of the stories that go around. Even in the drunken moments, it's not really that big a deal."

Slash, whose real name is Saul Hudson, revealed he doesn't display his stash of guitars, which have increased to around 200.

"I keep them in a locker," he said. "It's exceeded 100, it's somewhere around 200 guitars. I have about 100 classical guitars and guitars I've used for years and years, and then I've accumulated all these new guitars."

Slash also talked about his forthcoming album, World On Fire, featuring Myles and the Conspirators, which will be released in September.

"It's a hard and big-sounding rock record. It's very brash," he said.

"It was a lot of fun making it. We're all hard workers but we had so much fun doing it, we never thought about the amount of work we put into it. It was very painless to make. It happened very quickly."


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