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Smith: Not all stars have been nice

Sam Smith has admitted that he's been treated badly by some of his fellow pop stars.

The Brit nominee revealed in an interview with GQ that he had received some shoddy treatment during his rise to fame - but he refused to name names.

Talking about his career, Sam said: "You know, I want to be the biggest star in the world, but I also want to maintain the soulfulness. I don't want to lose my mind or my humour. I want to be a pop star, but I also don't want to be a pop star.

"I won't name names, but I will never act like some of the current pop stars have acted toward me.

"We can be friends, you know? We can. It's not a competition. There's space for all of us. There's always space for good music."

While he wouldn't spill the beans about the stars who hadn't been too nice, Sam was full of praise for one singer he said has been "amazing" - Taylor Swift.

"I sang with her in London once but didn't get to properly chill with her. Then, at the American Music Awards, I got to sit down with her and chat. She's a role model," said the Stay With Me singer.

"I really respect her. And she manages to sell a lot of records and make a lot of people happy financially, but also to keep that soulfulness, that honesty."

Sam also revealed that despite his massive success he tries to keep his feet on the ground.

Asked if he's a diva, he said: "I'd like to be a diva in the sense of having that kind of presence as a singer.

"But no. I worry all the time, actually, if I've been a bit strict about something, am I being a d***head? I tell my team all the time: Just tell me if I'm being a d***head."


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