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Snoop: I'm like Obama of Twitter


Snoop Dogg likes a good tweet

Snoop Dogg likes a good tweet

Snoop Dogg likes a good tweet

Snoop Dogg has confessed he's a fan of Twitter because he has more clout than US President Barack Obama on the social networking service.

The US music star is a prolific tweeter, and explained: "I'm more influential than the president on there. That's appealing."

The What's My Name rapper is pleased that nowadays hip hop seems to have lost its bad reputation and become respectable.

"It's universal now. It's the soundtrack of the NBA and NFL... everywhere that you look, you're going see hip hop and that's only a testament to everyone who's been involved in the game."

Snoop's own reputation seems to have had a makeover in recent years as well. At one time, because of an incident at Heathrow airport and after he was convicted of drug and fire arms offences, he was banned from playing in the UK.

He feels that people often have misconceptions about him: "I'm a father, a husband, a coach and just an all-round good guy. My kids and wife are definitely my backbone and are the people that keep me grounded and the man that I am. The kids I coach in football also do a tremendous job at keeping me grounded and keeping me real."

But Snoop doesn't want to be seen as a "role model": "I don't see myself as anything. I see myself as Snoop Dogg. I can't control what the fans perceive me as or who the fans want me to be. I can only do me and it's been working up until now."

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:: Snoop Dogg begins a UK tour in Liverpool on October 6. For more information, visit www.snoopdogg.com.

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