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Snow Patrol star proposes to his girl with big-screen message at Bangor gig

By Maureen Coleman

Snow Patrol's Jonny Quinn drummed up extra courage before going on stage at Ward Park at the weekend - to propose to his girlfriend in front of 30,000 people - it can be revealed today.

The band's drummer used their massive homecoming gig in Bangor on Saturday night as a chance to pop the question to Norwegian beauty Mariane Rokke.

The words 'Marry Me Mariane' were written on his drum kit and flashed up on the huge screens at either side of the stage.

Concert-goers were totally unaware that the proposal flashing quickly before their eyes was from one of the band members - and paid little attention to it.

But Jonny's family, who were all gathered in the VIP area, had been prompted beforehand and made sure Mariane was able to read the message.

When she realised what was happening the Oslo woman burst into tears - and said a delighted "yes".

The industrial designer was led backstage to greet the band coming off stage - and to give her official answer to Jonny.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph Jonny's mum Liz said: "Myself, his dad, his brother Bradley and his wife were the only ones who knew he was going to do this.

"It took a great deal of difficulty to get it sorted, but he wrote the message, put it on his drum and it was then flashed up on the screens beside the stage.

"It was done quite subtly and because there were posters reading 'Gary, marry me', I don't think anyone really noticed it that much.

"He did it just as the band were coming back on for the encore and as we knew what was going to happen, we made sure Mariane was able to see it.

"She burst into tears when she read the message.

"Abi, Snow Patrol's PA, was standing behind us with a bottle of champagne and whisked her away backstage to meet Jonny coming off."

The pair met two years ago while Snow Patrol were playing in Austin, Texas.

Liz said: "He was so nervous beforehand, his hands were shaking when he was writing the message.

"But thankfully she said yes and the band all celebrated afterwards."

Snow Patrol are currently in Australia for a tour but wedding plans have already got underway.

"Jonny and Mariane will get married in Norway next summer," Liz said.

"We're absolutely thrilled for them. She's a lovely girl."

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