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Solo career hits spot for me, says Archer

Sometime Snow Patroller relishes freedom

By Maureen Coleman

Former Snow Patrol member Iain Archer has told how he enjoys the best of both worlds - carving out a successful solo career while still playing regularly with the band.

The Bangor-born singer/songwriter, who recently toured with Snow Patrol in Australia and New Zealand, said he enjoyed the "great sense of autonomy" he had as a solo artist while still able to work with acts such as Snow Patrol and Duke Special.

Iain, who co-wrote Snow Patrol's Ivor Novelllo award-winner Run, said he didn't define success by how many records he had sold or how well-known his name was, but by the quality of the material he produced.

And he said he loved catching up with his former band mates, whom he played on stage with last month at Ward Park in Bangor.

"It's intriguing how people define success. To me, it's owning a great record. That's what I set out to do and that's what Snow Patrol set out to do too. From there on, the rest is really by the by.

"I have control over what I'm doing and I love that sense of autonomy.

"But making my own decisions can be a double-edged sword. At times it is wonderful, at other times it would be nice to share the huge responsibility with a number of different people.

"I work well on my own and I like working on my own.

"Putting my albums Flood The Tanks and Magnetic North together was a single-handed process, which I really enjoyed.

"But working with acts like Snow Patrol, Duke Special and Freelance Hellraiser, gives me the chance to connect with other people, so I have the best of both worlds.

"That's what I love about it, the flexibility of it all."

Iain recently supported Snow Patrol on their Australian tour and joined them on stage during their headlining set as well.

"I was with them at Ward Park and all the summer festivals too," he said.

"Australia was amazing. It was my second time playing out there and the response was brilliant.

"I had such a good time, I plan to go back out again."

In the meantime Iain is working on some new collaborations as well as writing material for his next album.

And he'll be back in Belfast next month to perform at the 7Up Go Belfast Awards at the Europa Hotel on November 2.

"I'm looking forward to playing to a new audience and to being back home again," said the London-based singer.

"I'm very proud of my Northern Irish roots. There is so much talent in Belfast and Northern Ireland as a whole but in the past so many artists have had to move away to make it happen.

"But things are starting to change now. With projects like the Oh Yeah Centre, there's a real collectiveness to what's going on.

"There's a great bunch of writers and musicians who live and work here and it can only be good for Belfast and Northern Ireland."

Iain Archer plays the Europa Hotel on November 2 at the 7Up Go Awards.

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