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Sophie: I struggle with sad tunes

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has revealed she finds it tough to write sad songs these days - because she's happy with her life.

The Murder On The Dancefloor singer, who is married with two children to The Feeling bassist Richard Jones, is back with her fourth album Make A Scene.

"It's sometimes easier to be angry, frustrated, heartbroken or blue than it is to be happy, and it can be tough to be chipper in a song without sounding twee," Sophie admitted.

"People do know a bit about me, so I can't really hide and pretend things are different."

When penning songs, the 32-year-old tries to recall times when she wasn't so content.

But she said: "I haven't shied away from writing happy songs, because I am happy, plus they're quite hard to write and I like that challenge."

Before releasing the album Sophie left her record label Universal after a decade and set up her own enterprise EBGBs (which stands for Ellis-Bextor Great Britain).

The singer admitted it was a daunting move.

She added: "Things have changed so much in the record industry since I started, and things are a lot more immediate now. I felt I wanted to have that spontaneity and you can't really have that when you're signed to a major label."

:: Make A Scene is out now.


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