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Spice Girls hit is catchiest song

The Spice Girls' hit Wannabe is officially the UK's catchiest song.

The 1996 pop tune, which helped launch the careers of Victoria Beckham and co, topped a list of tracks people recognise most quickly.

The study - conducted by the University of Amsterdam in association with Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry - revealed it takes the average person just 2.29 seconds to realise they are listening to the catchy chorus of the Girl Power anthem.

Researchers set up an interactive online game called Hooked On Music, which randomly plays clips from around 1,000 well-known songs. It was then recorded how quickly the 12,000 people who took part were able to identify each song.

Users recognised Wannabe in 2.29 seconds, while it took them an average of five seconds to pinpoint other tracks.

Mambo No 5 by Lou Bega was the second most recognisable track at 2.48 seconds, while the Rocky III theme tune - Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger - was third at 2.62 seconds.

Lady Gaga's music was shown to be memorable, as she had two songs in the top 20 - Just Dance at number four and Poker Face at 11.

Abba's SOS was fifth, with the average person recognising it at 2.73 seconds, and it was followed by Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman and Beat It by late King of Pop Michael Jackson, which people usually identified by 2.80 seconds.

The top 10 was rounded out by Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, The Human League's Don't You Want Me and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith.


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